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When you hear the word whisky, you probably think of Scotch, or maybe you hear about single cask whiskies from America or China. These are arguably some of the most popular types of single malts, and if you're considering trying a new type of whisky single, you should definitely be aware of some fundamental information.

American single malt whisky

In recent years, American single malt whiskey has made a name for itself. The market is rapidly expanding, and demand is increasing. In fact, sales of American single malt whiskey are expected to increase 500% in the next five years. While it can be difficult to find and is not widely known, some producers have stepped up to the plate.

These distilleries have been collaborating with the American Single Malt Whiskey Commission to develop a set of guidelines for their products. They have also agreed to include the production status on their labels.

This is also supported by the American Single Malt Whisky Association. Corsair, Copperworks, FEW Spirits, and Balcones are among its members.

This change will help consumers better understand what American single malt is and how it differs from Scotch single malt. It will also result in a more consistent and standardized product.

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Single cask whisky

single cask whisky is a type of whisky that has been distilled and aged in a single barrel. It has a distinct flavor and is sometimes scarce. The number of bottles available varies depending on the age and length of time the whisky has been in the barrel.

Single cask whiskies are typically bottled at cask strength. They are not usually colored or caramelized. However, there are some exceptions.

Some single cask whiskies are not chill filtered. This means that the charred wood fragments have been removed. These are the results of the interaction between the wood and the liquid during the maturation process.

The maturation process is crucial because it determines the overall flavor of a whisky. During the process, the wood degrades into ethanol and tannins. Aromas are released by the wood as well.

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