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There is no better way to enjoy whisky if you're a fan than to go to a whisky distillery. There are many options available, whether you want to sample a variety of brands or simply learn more about the distilling process.


West Scotland is home to the whisky distillery Auchentoshan. It was constructed in the early 1800s and continues to produce fewer than two million liters of booze annually.

Beam Suntory Inc. owns the distillery, which uses a distinctive triple distillation method. This results in a smooth, light, delicate, and 81.5% ABV whisky.

Glasgow can be reached by the distillery in just 20 minutes, and it has a lot to offer tourists. Visitors can go on tours, take part in the bottling process, and sample whiskies directly from the cask.

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In Yamanashi Prefecture, which is in the southern Japanese Alps, you can find the Suntory Hakushu whisky distillery. It is one of the most esteemed Japanese distilleries, and several awards have been given to its special expressions.

The distillery's location at the base of Mount Kaikomagatake makes it the perfect place to create whisky. Due to the direct access to the purest water possible due to the high elevation, a fresh, floral, and rich whisky is produced.

The distinctive distillation method used by Hakushu produces a smooth, lightly peated Single Malt. It has a fruity, spicy, and herbal aroma. It pairs perfectly with the bota corta casks used to age it thanks to its light smoke and hint of ash.


One of the few scotch distilleries in Scotland that handles everything in-house is Springbank. The Mitchell family is in charge of running the distillery. They are also the owners of the Glengyle distillery and several brands of blended scotch.

Western Scotland's Kintyre Peninsula is home to the Springbank Distillery. Founded by Archibald Mitchell in 1828, the distillery. This family still uses a lot of traditional distillation techniques.

Steam and direct oil fire are both used by Springbank to heat their stills. Their water supply is supplemented by a private well and comes from Crosshill Loch.


In Morayshire, close to Forres, is the Speyside distillery known as Benromach. Since 1898, it has been in operation. Elgin residents Gordon and Macphail are the distillery's owners.

Traditional speyside single malt whisky is made by Benromach. Each bottle is made by hand at the distillery using a small number of distillers. Every cask is manually weighed, stenciled, and filled. Each year, the distillery turns out between 150 and 250 thousand liters of cask-strength whisky.

Benromach's casks are kept in conventional dunnage warehouses, which have dirt floors and stone walls. The purest spring water from the Romach Hills is also used by Benromach.

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