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Gin comes in a variety of brands, whisky and gin are two ingredients of a very well-liked drink. For instance, Tom Cat and Barr Hill gins are both very well-liked. These two brands are suitable for many types of drinks but have different flavors. Additionally, there are other additional gin brands on the market, including Genever and Penicillin. But first, it's vital to understand how whiskey and gin are created before we move on to the real recipe for these beverages. This is due to the fact that the method might vary greatly between brands. Making your own drinks at home can be easier if you know how to do it.


Genever is a distilled spirit from the Netherlands. It is made from malt wine, and can be used to make cocktails.

In the past, Genever was used for medicinal purposes. Many believed that the plant had healing properties, and that it could help people who had kidney diseases. The plant was also used to keep the plague away.

Today, genever has gained a reputation as a versatile and flavorful spirit. It can be used to create a wide variety of classic cocktails, and is even perfect for making tiki drinks.

It is a protected Spirits category, meaning that it is on par with champagne and Scottish single malt whisky. The distillation process of genever is governed by strict rules.

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The Penicillin is a Cocktail made with two types of Scotch. It is a good cocktail to enjoy, particularly if you are having a cold or flu.

It is also said to have medicinal properties. The cocktail is said to cure infections and is a great cure-all drink.

While the cocktail has been around for a while, the original recipe was discovered in the early 20th century by a Scottish scientist. In 1932, Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, which was then used to treat several ailments.

Since then, the cocktail has been riffed on numerous times. One of the best versions was served at the Bible Club Pdx in Brooklyn. Another great version was served at the AMER in Atlanta.

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