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If you're looking for a whisky 700ml, there are a few things to consider before making a purchase. To begin, you should be aware that prices can vary. Second, you want to make certain that you are selecting a reputable brand. Third, you should be aware that the age of the whisky you are purchasing should always be taken into account. This means that you should look for a brand that is at least twenty years old. There is also a selection of whiskies available with a higher age.

Malt 30 Year Old

The new Malt 30 Year Old is a bold Mortlach expression. It represents the darker side of Speyside. This smoky, spicy single malt pays homage to the allure of midnight. There's a rich wine-like flavor here, as well as a hint of black pepper. The whisky was aged in three different cask types using a combination of European and American oak.

It is one of Diageo's most complex expressions. It captures the ferocity of the night as well as the dark secrets of the midnight hours. As a result, it's best to take it slowly. Spicy notes, fruity apple notes, and a rich, dark wine flavor are all to be expected.

The 30-year-old dram is finished in casks made of American oak, Bordeaux wine, and Guatemalan rum. All of these cask types impart different flavors to the whisky. The dram has an abv of 49.1%, and the RRSP is PS3,700.

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