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There are many different kinds of whisky available on the market today, ranging from single malts to blended whiskey and everything in between. However, a large number of people are clueless on how to select the option that is most suitable for them. In this piece, we're going to take a look at some of the best whiskies, as well as some points to bear in mind while shopping for a bottle of whisky.


The Lagavulin distillery is located in the southern part of the island of Islay in Scotland. It is famous for producing single malts of a high quality that are strongly peated. Despite the fact that the name is virtually interchangeable with the brand, there are really three separate distilleries. In the year 1816, a local farmer by the name of John Johnston constructed the country's first legal distillery. A second facility was run by Archibald Campbell, a dealer from Glasgow who was active a few years later. At the present time, the brand is owned by Diageo, which is the most successful wine and drinks firm in the world.

The distillery may be found in the southern part of the village of Lagavulin, which is situated on the island of Islay. Even though it has seen a decline in productivity over the past few years, the operation is still going strong. They manufacture some of the single malt whiskies that are considered to be the most sought after and popular around the world. The barley used in the production of some of their finest releases has been peated in excess of 20 times more than the barley used in the production of an average Scotch.

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Westward Whiskey

The Westward distillery is located in Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Both best single malt whiskey and artisan beer are produced by them. The company's flagship product was awarded the top prize of gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. As a result, they came up with three different expressions. Each one features a distinctively unique flavor character.

Pear drops, char-grilled corn on the cob, and malty apple cider are the three primary flavors that are offered by Westward. To produce its liquor, the distillery sources its two-row malted barley from the regions surrounding the Pacific Northwest. In addition, it undergoes fermentation with a blend of ale yeasts from Scotland and the United States. The best part is that the whiskey that was produced as a result has a specific flavor profile that is characteristic to the local area.

Regarding whiskey, there is not much to say other than the fact that Westward is a worthy competitor to the malty rulers of the globe. It boasts an impressive proof level of 90 proof.

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