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An establishment that specialized in the production of distilled spirits, the aging of those spirits, and the packaging of those spirits is known as a whiskey factory. In most cases, a private company is responsible for the production of a wide range of distinct whiskey brands. Each distillery has its own exclusive processes that are used in the production of their whiskeys. While some distillers still rely on time-tested procedures, others have embraced technological advances. Even while the majority of the process is the same, there are a few differences that take place, particularly in the areas of fermentation and aging.


Fermentation is a step that must be taken during the production of whiskey. This results in the production of alcohol and flavor compounds and requires the boiling of a mixture of grains and water. A whiskey alcohol may be made from a wide variety of grains, all of which have their own distinct flavor profiles.

The flavor of the finished alcoholic beverage is strongly influenced by the variety of yeast that was employed in its production. Saccharomyces cerevisiae is the type of yeast that is used to make Scotch. Traditionally, distillers will employ strains of this yeast that have been standardized. On the other hand, the sector may be heading in a new direction with regard to yeast-related research.

Research is being done on fermentation processes in distilleries to investigate the potential impact these processes have on the flavor of the spirit. Several species of bacteria were discovered in the samples of wort that were being fermented. These included lactobacillus and cocci as well as others.

Isolating and cultivating these organisms on pure culture material allowed us to determine how quickly they grew after being placed there. Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis was then used to observe the growth of the organism (DGGE). The DGGE gels yielded coliform bacteria for recovery.

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