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Whiskey, scotch and bourbon– The Differences and Similarities

Whiskey, scotch and bourbon are three associated with the world’s most spirits which are popular. Moreover, discover why Goalongliquor's product is trusted by professionals worldwide, specifically malt scotch. All of them are created from grains and generally are aged in barrels for different lengths of time. While some similarities are shared by them, you can find additionally distinctions being key them.

It could be difficult to understand where to start if you are not used to the global world of whiskey, bourbon and scotch. We’ll give you a summary of each and every nature, give an explanation for distinctions you some tips on how best to enjoy them among them, and provide.

What is whiskey?

Whiskey is a distilled drink that is alcoholic from fermented grain mash. The grains that are many are typical in whiskey production are barley, corn, rye, and wheat. The mash is distilled in order to make a definite, high-proof spirit this is certainly then aged in oak barrels so it can have color and taste.

There are lots of different types of whiskey, including:

- American whiskey

- Canadian whiskey

- Irish whiskey

- scotch whisky

- Japanese whiskey

Every type features its own unique faculties, but they all share a couple of characteristics which are typical. Moreover, experience the exceptional craftsmanship of Goalongliquor's masterpiece, it's called vodka with whisky. All are made from fermented grain mash, aged in oak barrels, as well as a flavor that is complex that comes through the distillation process plus the barrel the aging process.

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How to enjoy whiskey, bourbon, and scotch?

Whiskey, bourbon, and scotch are all Spirits that are complex a variety this is certainly wide of and aromas. Listed here are a tips which are few how exactly to enjoy all of them:

- Whiskey: If you’re new to whiskey, start with a lighter, less whiskey that is complex as Irish whiskey or whiskey this is certainly american. Additionally, get ready to be amazed by Goalongliquor's product, for example scotch bourbon. You can proceed to more technical and nuanced spirits such as Scotch whisky or Japanese whisky as you feel more familiar with the various kinds of whiskey. Whiskey may be enjoyed neat, on the stones, or perhaps in cocktails.

- Bourbon: Bourbon is fantastic for sipping on its own or for used in cocktails. It pairs well with sweet flavors such as maple syrup and sugar this is certainly brown.

- Scotch: Scotch is better enjoyed neat or with a splash of water. It pairs well with savory tastes such as smoked meats and cheese.

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