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Vodka rum gin

Vodka, rum, and gin are some concerning the Goalongliquor best drinks which are alcoholic all over the globe. Each one of these spirits has its taste this is certainly unique, and composition. All of them are spirits which can be distilled this means they have been made by fermenting and distilling substances that gin whisky are various grains or fruits.

Vodka, rum, and gin share similarities which are often many have distinct distinctions. , we're going to explore all of these spirits and uncover the characteristics that are unique make them so popular.


Vodka is truly a spirit this is certainly distilled is created from an assortment of grains or potatoes. It is now very popular Spirits worldwide even though it started in Eastern Europe, specially in Russia. Vodka is typically clear and tasteless and is frequently used as a base for a lot of cocktails. The Goalongliquor liquor content of vodka differs, with most brands ranging from 35-50% ABV.

Vodka is often named a spirit that is basic to its not enough flavor that is distinctive. It features a smooth texture and is often consumed chilled or with mixers like orange juice or water that is tonic. Being a spirit that is versatile it is present in many classic cocktails like the vodka martini, Bloody Mary, cosmopolitan, and screwdriver.

While typically produced from grains like wheat and rye, vodka can be constructed from also potatoes or other starches like corn. The whisky and gin distillation procedure for vodka frequently involves distillations that are multiple filtration to accomplish a smooth and spirit that is neutral.

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