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If you're a fan of scotch, you've certainly thought about which whisky is from the Speyside region and is considered to be the greatest. Some of the most famous top speyside scotch distilleries in the country are located in this region, including Glenlivet, Cragganmore, and Benriach, to name just a few.

Glenlivet 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

When it comes to the scotch whisky game, Glenlivet is a name that rises above the rest. The distillery is more than a century old and is the largest one in Scotland. Its history dates back quite a ways. Its accurately called 12-year old single malt is a popular with enthusiasts and the common consumer alike. The flavor is silky and velvety thanks to a combination of different kinds of casks; it's like getting the best of both the ancient and the new worlds.

The aforementioned 12 Year Old Single Malt is only the start of the award-winning Glenlivet series. In addition to the single malt, the firm manufactures an array of additional premium spirits including a smokey port finished blend, a rich whisky produced from peated malt and a bourbon aged rye. This is a whisky lover's dream.

During the process of distillation, the aforementioned 12 year old is matured in a few different types of barrels, the most prominent of which is American oak. This translates into a smokey aroma, a delicate, velvety mouth feel, with a hint of red apple juiciness.

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Moray Speyside Whisky

The Moray Speyside region is well-known for its Scotch Malt Whisky, as well as its gorgeous landscapes and beaches that have won awards. Additionally, it is the location of a number of distilleries and tourism centers. One of the most well-liked things to do in this part of the world is to go on a tour of a distillery.

Whisky tours and tastings are available at a number of different distilleries. In certain instances, they make available for purchase limited-edition whiskies. The grounds of the majority of these distilleries are well kept, and their roofs are designed like pagodas.

Located to the north of Forres, the Glen Moray Distillery is a distillery that is on a much smaller size and is privately owned. They make a high-quality malt whisky that has a finish that is both sweet and spicy.

Rich in fragrance, with tastes of toasted oak and fruity undertones, Glen Moray Speyside Single good scotch whiskey 12 Years is a single malt scotch whisky. This is a wonderful way to get into the world of peated single malts.

The Port Cask Finish is yet another one of the exceptional whiskies that are produced at the Glen Moray distillery. The Port Cask Finish is characterized by its silky smoothness as well as its subtle hints of vanilla and dark chocolate.

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