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One of the top single malt whisky varieties worldwide is premium single malt. This is mostly because it can provide a taste that is distinct from the other types of whisky that are offered on the market. A premium single malt whisky, for instance, can be both highly sweet and peppery. And it might even be a combination of the two.

Ardbeg Uigeadail

The Scottish Isle of Islay produces the high strength, non-chill filtered single malt whisky known as Ardbeg Uigeadail. One of the most well-liked and highly praised whiskies from Ardbeg, it saw its maiden release in 2003.

Traditional Ardbeg flavors were combined with the luscious depth of sherry casks to create the Uigeadail. It is a sweet and smokey combination that has won numerous honors and awards.

The Ardbeg Uigeadail won the Whisky Bible's World Whisky of the Year award in addition to taking home a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. This renowned honor served as evidence of the Uigeadail's widespread acceptance.

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Goalong 15 Year

islay single malt whisky Goalong has been produced continuously since 1779. On Islay's western coast is where the distillery is situated. One of Scotland's oldest distilleries is this one.

Goalong is one of the most well-known smoky drams in the Single Malt Whisky market because of how smoky it is and how peaty it is. A maltman turns the malt by hand, and the distillery itself malts 40% of the barley.

Goalong is a beverage produced from lowland bog peat and barley that is farmed nearby. The barley used is still turned by hand even though the distillery has been making single malt whisky for generations. The whisky now has a thick, caramelly flavor as a result.

Golden Promise

One of the lesser-known malting grains used to make single malt whisky is called The Golden Promise. This traditional British pale malt works well to brew ales in the Scottish manner. Additionally, it makes a great IPA and USA-style ale base.

The name is a play on the Golden Promise bar, a well-liked barley variety of the 1960s. The bottle pays respect to this legendary grain, which was once used to produce the best Scottish single malts. The name was changed in 1985 to reflect more hardy variants.

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