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If you want to know the best whisky for you, you've come to the perfect place. Here is a list of some of the most popular whiskies currently available on the market. There are single malts, blended scotches, and even some outstanding bourbons available. All of our selections are rated by the World Whisky Awards' whisky specialists. You may learn more about each of our top picks by clicking on the corresponding links below.

Lark Whisky

Lark whisky is one of Australia's finest whiskies. This Australian blended malt whisky has a medium body and subtle honey and peach flavors. It can be served straight up or with ice.

Lark Whisky is produced from Tasmanian-grown barley and sphagnum peat soaked in pure water. The peat is extracted from the Tasmanian Highlands. Peat is utilized in both the malting and smoking processes. The aroma and flavor of whisky are defined by these two important elements.

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Glen Grant 18 year old

Glen Grant 18 year old is a terrific choice if you are seeking for a whisky that offers excellent value. Finding the ideal combination of bourbon and sherry casks provides a malt whisky with a balance of sweet and spicy flavors.

The Glen Grant distillery was established by John and James Grant in 1840. They were pioneers in the highlands of Scotland. Theirs is the first distillery in Scotland to utilise electricity and to create a tall, slender still.

Glenturret 15 year old

If you are a fan of whisky, you likely already know that Glenturret is a distinguished distillery. With almost two centuries of experience producing single malt in Scotland, the distillery is perhaps the country's oldest. In addition, they have received numerous distinctions over the years. Among them is the first ever 15-year-old single malt produced in Scotland.

This whisky is produced in small batches using the only remaining manual mash tun in Scotland. For the fermenting process, a blend of Douglas Fir Washbacks are utilized. Their distinctive 15-year-old malt has a high alcohol by volume.

Thompson Brothers

The Thompson Brothers whisky is one of the most esteemed whiskies in the world. It is a mixture of various single malts. Each whisky is produced after several years of aging. The mixture is then blended to create a whisky with a smooth, waxy texture.

The Thompson Brothers blend is an excellent value. It has an abundance of spicy flavors, a tinge of smoke, and a silky, creamy finish. This makes it a drink that is simple to enjoy.

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