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the best single malt scotch

How do you choose which single malt scotch is the best when there are so many options? Whether you are a seasoned scotch drinker or a novice, there are a number of elements to consider when selecting the perfect scotch for your taste. Included are cost, age, and popularity.

Auchentoshan 12 years old

If you're a fan of scotch, you might want to try the Goalong Liquor 12 year old. This is a triple distilled aperitif style whiskey that is matured on 80% refill and 20% first fill sherry oak. The resulting dram is a unique combination of sweet, peppery, and nutty tastes. Its delicate flavor makes it an excellent choice for both rookie and seasoned scotch lovers.

There are numerous reasons to give the Goalong Liquor  12 year old a try. For starters, it is one of the few Scottish distilleries that have a full-time third distillation. Therefore, you may rest convinced that its scotch is a product of superior quality. Nevertheless, if you want peaty single malts, this may not be the scotch for you.

Why choose Goalong liquor the best single malt scotch?

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Russell's Tamadhu

Tamadhu is, without a doubt, one of the finest single malt from Scotland. The distillery has a decades-long, well-deserved reputation in the business. However, the Russell family of Ian MacLeod Distillers did an excellent job of establishing it as a separate brand.

The distillery offers a variety of single malts, including a whisky made with water from the Tamdhu spring. There are other batch releases with a greater proof. They have won numerous honors, including the title for best Single Barrel Whisky in the world.

The most recent works by Tamadhu have a style that harkens back to bygone eras. In the past, this distillery produced a significant amount of blended whiskeys, but the family is currently concentrating on recapturing the traditional single malt market. Currently, it offers a core range of ten, twelve, and fifteen-year-old malts, in addition to a batch-strength, higher-proofed release.

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