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The alcohol concentration of spirits used to make liquor is often increased through the distillation process. In addition to their use in alcoholic drinks, they have medicinal and culinary applications. Actually, they're linked to the Holy Ghost.

Distillation helps concentrate the alcohol content of spirits

Distillation helps concentrate the alcohol content of Spirits. The process of distillation involves condensation and evaporation of alcoholic vapor. It also includes the separation of different molecules.

The primary component of distilled alcohol is ethanol, which boils at 172 degrees Fahrenheit. Other substances may be present in low concentration. These include methanol, which is closely related to enzymatic activities during alcoholic fermentation.

Distilled alcohol can be produced from various grains such as corn, rye, wheat, barley, and rice. The most common cereal grain used in the production of distilled spirits is corn. However, other natural fruits are used to a lesser extent.

Alcohol is the predominant substance in all alcoholic beverages. Human livers can metabolize ethanol in small amounts. To achieve this, a system of enzymes is necessary.

Some of the enzymes are proteins. They act as catalysts in chemical reactions. Enzymes are sensitive to temperature and acidity. As such, a small amount of them can have a dramatic effect on large amounts of material. Similarly, enzymes can be poisoned by some compounds.

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