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The spirit whiskey industry is vast and varied, including such subsets as craft brews and rye. Many distilleries focus on producing only one variety of whiskey. Look at a few of them with me.

Wasmund's Rye Whiskey

Wasmund's Rye whiskey is a premium, smoky, flavorful, savory spirit whiskey. It is double pot-stilled and aged in oak barrels for a smooth, mellow taste.

A rye spirit has a distinctive aroma, with a warm smoky note, accompanied by notes of allspice and caramel. Copper Fox Rye Whiskey is made from a mash of 67% Virginia rye, 33% Thoroughbred barley, and a proprietary strain of yeast. This rye is twice distilled in a copper pot still, and is then aged in American oak casks for an extended period. The result is a rich, smoky whiskey with notes of cinnamon, cloves, caramel, and a hint of buttered biscuits.

The Virginia Whiskey Company produces three products, all of which are handmade: Virginia Straight Rye, Copper Fox Rye, and a small number of blended spirits. Each product is based on grains grown on the company's own farm, and is infused with the smoke from smoldering fruitwoods during malting.

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Craft Spirits

Craft spirit whiskey is a good option if you're looking to expand your whiskey collection. These whiskeys go through a special process of batch distillation and are bottled in their own way. You can anticipate distinctive aromas and tastes, in addition to varied mouthfeel and maturation.

Whiskey, as a distilled spirit, is produced by fermenting a mixture of grains. Bourbon, corn, and wheat are the most common types. Although other types of grains are used, most distilleries use one or more of these ingredients. Whiskey's flavor is susceptible to change as it ferments. The chemical processes involved in manufacturing also play a role.

Whiskey can be made from a single grain or a combination of grains at different distilleries. Typically, three or more types of grain are used to create a batch of light whiskey. This reduces the alcohol content and lightens the color of the drink.

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