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Spirit vodka is commonly manufactured in both Eastern and Western nations. Both Russia and Poland claim to have developed the beverage.

Russians and Poles both claim to have invented it

Ongoing disagreement exists on the origin of vodka. Several nations, including Russia, Poland, and Sweden, assert that they are its creators. Each nation asserts that it was the first to develop the beverage.

Vodka is typically manufactured from fermented potatoes or grains. The water is subsequently filtered via charcoal to remove contaminants. Typically, it is flavored with citrus and sloes. The name derives from the Slavic word for water, voda.

Originating in Eastern Europe, the history of vodka extends well beyond this region. In fact, it has been distilled on every continent.

According to a Russian historian, the origins of vodka can be traced to Veliky Novgorod around 1250, a trading center between the Hanseatic League and Byzantium. During this time, the Latin term "aqua vitae" referred to all alcoholic Beverages in the Middle Ages.

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