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Some of the most renowned scotch whiskies or speyside scotch in the world are produced in the Speyside region of Scotland. You should definitely look into taking a tour of the distilleries and trying the products if you're in the area on vacation. You'll be in for a treat whether you're looking for Benriach, Macleod's, Glenrothes, or one of the many other fantastic scotch brands from the region.


The term "Speyside Scotch" refers to a particular type of peated malted barley-based whisky. Whiskies that have been peated typically have a smoky flavor and extra sweet notes. Additionally, these whiskies can be combined with other whiskies.

The peated spirit was first produced by the Speyside distillery BenRiach in the 1970s. A brand-new "smoky ten" that is bottled at 43% is included in its lineup of ten-year-old single malts. This whisky is a prime example of a chameleon malt because it is a blend of peated and unpeated spirit.

The 10-year-old Speyside Single malt liquor from BenRiach tastes like orchard fruit. It has a slight hint of sweetness from being aged in former sherry casks. Toasted almond and a spicy mocha finish are some additional flavors.

The BenRiach Smoky Ten is the distillery's most recent addition to its ten-year-old speyside single malt. This particular expression is made by distilling a mixture of peated and unpeated barley. The Smoky Ten is aged in virgin oak and bourbon. It has a light smokiness and a smooth layer of ripe fruit from the sun.

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