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Speyside is an area in Scotland where a wide variety of malts are produced. They stretch from the famed Lowlands to Campbeltown and Islay. Benriach, Scotch malt whisky, Brackla, Strathmore, Caol Ila, and many others are included. These speyside malts can range from delicate and sweet to smokey and robust. It is essential to recognize that the variances in the quality of these malts are a result of differences in the local climate and topography. The malts are also impacted by the culture and customs of the region. This is why determining their genuineness is so difficult.


BenRiach is a dram from Speyside. This distillery is renowned for its innovative methods of cask maturation. The whiskey is matured in bourbon, sherry, and red wine barrels. Each type of cask contributes a unique element to the final mix. Ultimately, a well-balanced single malt is produced.

A comparatively inexpensive price is one of the best aspects of this particular whisky. It costs approximately $5 per dram. For those who enjoy sipping and spitting, this is the brand for you. Their products are widely available in the United States.

BenRiach is not known for producing sophisticated monkeys who spew out whisky, but they do produce some well-crafted single malts. Their Speyside malt aged for ten years is a wonderful example of their distinctive style. This blend is smooth, slightly sweet, and well-balanced.

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The Lowlands are a region of Scotland that is primarily associated with agriculture and also contains a number of whisky distilleries. These malts from the lowlands are often pale in color and have a mild, mellow flavor profile. Typically triple-distilled, they are employed in a range of blends and single malt.

Speyside is another whisky-producing region in Scotland. This is not a designated area, but it is frequently regarded a subdivision of the Highlands Region.

This region consists of numerous hills and is covered in heather. The scenery consists of glens and lochs, and the hills host a variety of microclimates. On these slopes are found many distilleries. Historically, these distilleries used pot stills to manufacture whisky. Some individuals are currently experimenting with new styles.

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