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Single malt whiskey bourbon

There are many different types of whisky, and you may be unsure where to begin. Scotch, bourbon, and blended whiskey all come in a variety of styles, making it tough to find the appropriate one for you. Let's look at some of the key characteristics between each so you can be sure to discover a look you like.

Scotch vs bourbon

Scotch and Bourbon are two types of whisky produced in various parts of the world. Both have distinctive traits. Some people favor one over the other, although it's not always clear. Understanding these two terms is a critical first step toward finding the best whiskey for you.

Scotland produces Scotch. Kentucky, on the other hand, produces bourbon. Both are considered gentlemen's beverages. Scotch is generally stronger and more expensive.

Both kinds of whiskey are made from fermented grain. The flavor of the resultant beverage, however, is determined by aging, ingredients, and distillation. A fine scotch, for example, is the result of peat smoke exposure. A excellent bourbon, on the other hand, is made from corn.

Scotch is matured for several years in casks. It is often bottled at 60-75% ABV. The aging process is important for this beverage.

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