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There are three varieties of single malt scotch to think about before selecting one: Highland, Caribbean Cask, and Single-barrel. Each one has distinctive qualities all of its own. A mash bill, a barrel blend, and the kind of wood it is matured in are a few examples.

Highland single malts are the most popular around the world

The most well-known single malt scotch whisky in the world are Highland. They are produced in Scotland's Highlands. The entirety of Scotland's mainland and few islands off its western coast are included in this area.

The aromas and nuances of these whiskies are varied. While some whiskies are fruity or floral, others have a hint of smoke and sherry. Some scotches have a faint sea salt flavor.

Many of Scotland's biggest and most well-known distilleries are located in the Highlands. In fact, this region is home to more than half of the nation's malt whisky distilleries.

The majority of Highlands Single Malts are flavorful and smooth. The area also produces peaty and flowery whiskies. Ones of the most well-known whiskies from this region are Old Pulteney, followed by Glenmorangie and Springbank.

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