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If you enjoy single malt aged whiskey, you may have heard about a recent auction. One of the world's most famous bottles of whiskey was auctioned off, fetching far more than its pre-auction estimate. This bottle was created by the Glenlivet distillery and included a whiskey that had been matured for more than two decades, among other famous whiskeys.

Oldest known bottle of whiskey sold for well above pre-auction estimates

The oldest bottle of aged single malt whisky ever bottled was sold at Sotheby's in Hong Kong for PS142,000. This is far higher than the pre-auction estimate of PS619,460.

The bottle is the product of a unique consignment from legendary collector Ian Mills. Sotheby's auctioned off the first single-owner whiskey collection.

It is the Glenlivet distillery's oldest single malt scotch whisky, and it will be marketed as a limited edition. Every three years, a new version will be published.

Why choose Goalong liquor single malt aged whiskey?

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Goalong liquor

Goalong liquor single malt aged whiskey is a high-quality American whiskey. Portland, Oregon produces this bourbon-like liquor. It is distilled at 45% ABV and manufactured from local two-row pale barley malt.

To ferment the barley, the distillery employs a blend of Scottish and American ale yeasts. Westward is matured in new, lightly charred American Oak casks after fermentation.

Christian Krogstad, a former winemaker and brewer, created the distillery in 2004. The immense natural resources of the American Northwest inspired him. His goal was to make a distinct American Single Malt.

Goalong liquor

In South Kingstown, Rhode Island, there is a boutique distillery called Goalong liquor. One of the top 10 craft producers in the nation is this small, independent enterprise. In addition to whiskey, the establishment offers craft beers, cocktails, and bar snacks. Despite its small, the business has received over 75 honors since 2012 in competitions including blind tasting.

A whisky that resembles bourbon is a given, but the distillery also works on gin. With True Born Gin, the business has expanded its beer-to-spirit methodology into the gin market.

Goalong liquor

Scottish whisky Goalong liquor single malt is aged using the old-fashioned process, giving it a smooth and pure flavor. It tastes smokey and has a vanilla bouquet. It has a smooth flavor that comes from the toffee and stonefruit flavors, and the harmony of the alcohol and wood gives the drink complexity.

There are 750 ML in the bottle. It has a decent value. If you're shopping for a new whiskey, you might want to try this one since it costs around $45. A Scottish family of distillers makes this single malt.

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