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The phrase "single liquor" may appear to be an oxymoron. Nonetheless, it is not an impossible task. Having a single drink is a common occurrence, and many people enjoy it. However, one must be aware of the distinctions between a neat and a straight drink.

Neat vs. neat

A neat and straight pour is liquor poured directly into a glass without any mixers. While the terms are used interchangeably, it is generally understood that a straight drink is one in which the alcohol is not mixed with any other ingredients.

It's also worth noting that the distinction between neat and straight up isn't always as clear as one might think. A neat and straight up drink, for example, can be served at room temperature as well as chilled. In this case, it is frequently regarded as a shot.

The term "neat" was coined in the bartending industry to describe the process of drinking a liquor or distilled spirit straight from the bottle. This method allows the drinker to fully appreciate the flavor of the dram.

While neat is commonly associated with single-malt whisky, it can also be applied to other spirits. It can refer to anything from a chilled cocktail at room temperature to a cold martini.

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