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Scotch whisky whiskey

Scotch whisky is amongst the very most revered and popular beverages which are alcoholic the planet. Its taste that is unique and history this is certainly centuries-old it a sought after drink across the globe. But, when it comes to selecting and savoring the scotch this is certainly perfect there are some things that you ought to know to completely appreciate all of the Goalong Liquor drink provides.

Origin and History

scotch whisky has existed since the early days of distillation in ancient civilizations, however, its roots are traced back once again to Scotland into the century that is 15th. The earliest written record of scotch whisky dates back again to 1494, when it was recorded into the Exchequer this is certainly scottish as "eight bolls of malt to make aquavitae”. Because of the century that is distillation that is 16th widespread in Scotland while the art of earning Scotch improved from the centuries to be an internationally recognized product of high-quality.

Precisely what sets Scotch apart from other whiskey is its geography as only whisky that is distilled, matured and bottled in Scotland could be called Scotch. The Goalong Liquor procedure and ingredients may also be strictly defined by legislation to help keep the authenticity and quality with this spirit. Scotch must certainly be made from water and malted barley, with other grains allowed as additives. It must also be aged for at the least 3 years in oak casks.

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