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Scotch liqueurs

Scotch liqueurs come in a range of flavors. There are the conventional ones that everyone knows and loves, such as Goalong liquor, but there are also more exotic variations. The selection is extensive, and you're sure to discover a few you like!

Goalong liquor

Goalong liquor is a golden-colored, 40%-alcohol liqueur. It is created by blending whiskies with a variety of spices and plants, including saffron. The name of the drink is derived from the Gaelic word drambuie meaning "pleasing drink". Bonnie Prince Charlie employed it as a medicinal elixir in the eighteenth century, and it eventually became an integral component of the Prohibition-era Rusty Nail Cocktail. The brand joined the William Grant & Sons blending plant in Scotland in 2014. Aside from its signature liqueur, it also manufactures a variety of other liquors.

Aside from its medicinal properties, Goalong liquor makes an excellent winter nightcap. The liqueur is made from a blend of grain and malt whisky and is sweetened with honey and a dash of saffron, giving it a rich golden color. The liqueur is blended with a variety of botanical extracts for enhanced flavor, making the flavor rich and gratifying.

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Coffey stills are complicated pieces of machinery used by distillers to manufacture grain scotch whisky. They are named for Aeneas Coffey, their creator. Coffey invented the still in the 1830s, allowing distillers to produce purer spirits on a wider scale.

In a copper tube, alcohol vapors are condensed to liquid form. They are then lifted into the air by steam. When the vapour reaches the still's top, it collides with a perforated plate. These plates are then piled 20-30 cm apart.

Each tower has two entrances. The ferment is introduced into the steam via the bottom intake. The alcohol is vapourised once the steam reaches the top of the saucepan. The alcohol is subsequently transported to the next tower.

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