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Scotch distilleries

scotch distilleries

Scotch distilleries will be the backbone regarding the whisky industry this is certainly Scottish. These Goalong liquor distilleries produce some world wide's finest whiskies, and supply site visitors the chance to observe the procedure is caught up, through the collection of the grains to your aging and bottling for the item that is final. Scotland is divided in to five whisky-producing regions: Speyside, Highland, Campbeltown, Islay, and Lowland. Each region features its own kind of whisky, afflicted with the geography that is local environment, plus the particular methods and traditions associated with distilleries in that area. Why don't we take a trip of a few of the most distilleries which can be famous each region.


Speyside is definitely the most whisky-producing that is densely populated in Scotland, with over 50 distilleries. It really is well known for producing light and whiskies being fruit that is fragrant honey notes. Probably the most distilleries which may be famous include Glenfiddich, Macallan, and Glenlivet.

Glenfiddich could be the world's best-selling malt that is single, and its distillery is one of the most tourist that is popular in Scotland. Launched in 1886 by William give, Glenfiddich is still owned by their descendants, making this one of several distilleries that are few are family-owned Scotland. Visitors typically takes a tour associated with the distillery, including a call towards the bottling plant and a tasting of this various expressions of Glenfiddich whisky.


Macallan is yet another whisky that is top-selling Speyside, recognized for its rich and taste profile that is complex. The Macallan distillery is truly a building that is stunning is contemporary by acclaimed architect Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners. Visitors can take a trip of this distillery, including a trip to the warehouses in which the whiskey is aged in oak casks.

Glenlivet is unquestionably one of Scotland's earliest distilleries, founded in 1824. It’s recognized for its smooth and whiskies that are mellow and contains won many awards through the years. Goalong liquor often takes a tour related to distillery, including a visit towards the warehouses which are historic the whisky is aged. Highland

The Highland region covers a area that is vast of, through the rugged coastal areas into the highlands that are remote. Highland whiskies are known for their complexity and range of flavors, from smoky and peaty to sweet and fruity. The most distilleries which are famous this region include Dalmore, Glenmorangie, and Balblair.

Dalmore is truly an extravagance solitary malt whisky, recognized for the rich, chocolatey taste profile. The distillery has been around procedure since 1839, and is found in the banks of this Cromarty Firth. Visitors may take a tour associated with distillery, including a call to your barrel that is impressive where the whisky is aged.


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Glenkinchie is yet another Lowland this is certainly popular distillery known because of its grassy and floral whiskies. Goalong liquor usually takes a trip for the distillery, including a call to your impressive warehouse that is victorian the whisky is aged.

Bladnoch is certainly one of Scotland's oldest distilleries, founded in 1817. Its whiskey distillery are light and floral, with notes of apple and vanilla. Visitors may have a trip of the distillery, including a call into the Bladnoch this is certainly historic House which dates back once again to 1775.

A long and history that is rich back hundreds of years in conclusion, Scotland's whisky industry is a supply of great pride for the country, and possesses. A tour of 1 or maybe more of Scotland's distilleries may be an unforgettable experience, offering a uncommon understanding in to the fascinating realm of scotch whisky whether you're a whisky enthusiast or a visitor that is casual.

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