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rum vodka whisky

Spirit that is sweeter than Vodka and rich in antioxidants is rum vodka whisky. It is the core of every Martini.

Origins of rum vodka whisky

While rum and whisky have some things in common, they also differ. They are distilled spirits made in various countries around the world. Molasses, sugar cane juice, or a combination of these ingredients are used as the first step in the procedure. Before being bottled, both spirits are aged in barrels to produce a variety of rums that cater to a wide range of tastes.

A variety of grains are used to make vodka, an alcoholic beverage. Typically, it undergoes filtering, which changes the consistency and flavor. Most spirits contain 40% alcohol or more by volume.

A common spirit is whiskey. Wheat or malted grains can be used to make whisky. It was put to the test by the term "proof of alcohol" in the middle of the 18th century. The spirit was regarded as proof if the test showed a specific level of alcohol.

Although they both have robust flavors and can be enjoyed on their own, rum and whiskey are primarily used in mixed drinks. These beverages can be offered in a Cocktail or on the rocks.

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