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Rum and whiskey

An alcoholic beverage with a rum basis is called rum whisky. It can be had in a variety of flavors. Some are savory, spicy, and light. There are many varieties, including white and fruit-based.

Light rum

Rum is a type of alcohol that is made from sugarcane juice or molasses. It is usually produced in several countries such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic. Often, the rums produced in these countries are light in colour. These rums are most commonly used in cocktails.

Light vodka rum tend to be less complex than their darker counterparts. However, the rums of the Caribbean are not short on flavour. They also tend to be cheaper than their darker counterparts.

Although there are many differences between whisky and rum, they share similar traits. The first is the production process. Whisky is made by distilling grain, while rum is distilled from sugarcane juice. There are other aspects to the production process, such as the ingredients.

The most common method of distillation is the column still. However, some producers use pot stills to achieve a fuller rum. In addition, rum is sometimes filtered to remove colour. Despite the differences in production techniques, both spirits have similarities.

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