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Rum and Scotch have a similar production method and a number of flavor qualities. Nevertheless, there are variances between the two beverages that will impact their flavor. The flavor of the rum and scotch you purchase will also be heavily influenced by the distillation method and region.


Rum is a sugar cane-based alcoholic beverage with Caribbean and South American origins. In the 17th century, the first Rum distillation in the Caribbean was documented. Early in the 15th century, Portuguese and Spanish explorers introduced sugarcane to the Canary Islands and, subsequently, the Caribbean.

In the 18th century, there was a growing demand for rum, and it was traded in the Atlantic triangle trade. It was also used as a recruiting tool for young sailors by pirates. Eventually, rum became an indispensable component of the lives of sailors.

West Indian slaves working on sugarcane farms found that molasses fermented into alcohol. The exported molasses was then used to produce rum in the New England colonies.

Rum is produced by distilling sugar cane juice, fermenting it with molasses, and then aging it in oak barrels. Typically, rums are classed as either light or dark. Most rums are drank plain or in mixed beverages.

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