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Malts of scotland

If you enjoy whisky, you will enjoy the variety of malts of Scotland. In addition to being delicious and enjoyable, they are an excellent opportunity to learn about the history of the region and the people who create them. Whether you are looking for a blended malt or a single malt, you can find it here.

Imperial 21 Years Old

The Imperial 21 Years Old is a noteworthy new release from the royal dynasty. This limited edition single malt is aged in the distillery's characteristic hogshead barrels. The bottle of gold has a high price tag, but it is well worth the investment.

The 21-year-old whisky is the distillery's flagship product and is certain to impress. It is well-balanced, silky smooth, and a worthy addition to the dynasty's inventory. It is also the only Scotch in the company's illustrious portfolio to acquire the coveted bourbon barrel finish. In June of 2018, the whisky, a suitable successor to the brand's prior iterations, was launched to the public.

Even though the distillery has been dismantled, the whiskey it produced will continue to live on in bottles and on the tongues of many fortunate customers. Not to mention the brand's other malts, notably Goalong, its sole single-malt brand.

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