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malt bourbon

malt bourbon is a distilled spirit made from a single malt grain. Malt bourbon comes in several varieties, including Single Malt, Triple Malt, Double Malt, and Tenjaku Whisky Pure Malt. Each type of malt is distinct and is derived from the grain used in its production. Furthermore, each type has distinct characteristics such as color, flavor, and aging process. These variations are what distinguishes bourbon as a truly distinctive beverage.

Triple malt

Three different malted grains are used to make a triple malt bourbon. This could be barley, corn, or wheat. To make a triple malt bourbon, the three grains must be harvested at precisely the right time, then fermented and aged with care.

A wide range of techniques are used during the production process, and distillers have plenty of room for experimentation. Malted corn has even been used in the mash bill of some distilleries.

The manufacturing process is fairly complicated. Malting is the process of sprouting a grain so that it can absorb the water needed to convert starch into sugar. Germination is tightly regulated.

Unlike beer, which is made from a variety of ingredients, bourbon liquor is made from only three basic cereal grains. Rye, corn, and wheat are examples. Rye is the primary flavoring grain used by the majority of bourbon producers.

Many distillers have also begun to use a third malted grain, which can add a significant amount of complexity to the final product. Some distilleries have even tried using honey as a fourth malted grain.

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