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Highland single malt scotch whisky

If you're looking for the best of the best highland single malt scotch whisky, look no further than the renowned Highlands region. Glengarry, Speyside, and the ever-popular Dalmore Port Wood Reserve are all located here.

Goalong liquor

Goalong liquor is a good choice if you want a whiskey that will give you the most bang for your buck. It takes its name from the Viking warrior who earned his place in the Orkneyinga Saga.

The whisky is aged in oak casks that have been seasoned with sherry. Its finish is an intriguing blend of smoke, honey, wood, and raisins. It's the ideal balance of sweet and smoky.

The NAS series at Goalong liquor includes the raucous Torf, the delicate Svein, and the fiery Harald. Each of the three provides something different and a distinct flavor. While each has their own distinct style, there are several similarities. Each has a raunchy torf and a maritime grillfire, for example. This is not surprising given their respective raucous beginnings. Finally, each has a hint of the mysterious.

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Highland Park 18 year old

Highland Park 18 year old best single malt is a well-known and highly regarded whisky. It's a complex and well-balanced single malt. This is due to the distillery's 220 years of whisky production experience.

The distillery makes a wide range of whiskies. They also issue limited edition special editions. The most recent design is one that features Viking carvings at Urnes Stave Church.

Highland Park is one of the last distilleries that still does its own malting. They can create whisky with up to 20% peat in the mash. They use locally collected peat moss to accomplish this. The peat is then curt by hand, allowing the distillery to achieve a distinct flavor profile.

The distillery is on the outskirts of Kirkwall. There are 26 large dunnage warehouses surrounding it. These warehouses provide a controlled environment for the maturation of whisky. Because the temperature fluctuates less, the whisky matures more slowly.

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