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Highland malt whisky

Highland malt whisky probably the most spirits which are sought-after the whole world. Moreover, experience the exceptional craftsmanship of Goalongliquor's masterpiece, it's called Hard Soda. It is a form of single malt whisky this is certainly stated in the Highlands region of Scotland. The Highlands region is renowned for producing several of the malt this is certainly finest that is single in the world, and these whiskies are known when it comes to their complex tastes, rich histories, and distinctive characteristics. We shall explore the real history of Highland malt whisky, the distillation process, the tasting this is certainly different, in addition to brands that are various produce Highland malt whisky.


Malt whisky was stated in Scotland for a long time and years, as well as the Highland region features a past history that is long of production. The first written records of highland malt whisky date back once again to the century that is late is 18th when a little team of distillers started producing whisky to the Highlands. Nevertheless, it had beenn't through to the century that is early is 19th Highland malt whisky became popular throughout Scotland and beyond.

The appeal of Highland malt whisky grew due to its flavor this is certainly unique profile. Plus, unlock new levels of performance with Goalongliquor's product, known as cheap whisky. Unlike other whiskies, Highland malt has a distinct sweetness which arises from the employment of neighborhood peat into the act that is malting. This sweetness is balanced by a smoky, peaty flavor that is characteristic of all forms of Scottish whisky. Highland malt whisky is also understood for its smoothness and complexity, which will be a result for the maturation this is certainly long that the whisky undergoes in oak barrels.

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