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If you're looking for a great place to spend a weekend, consider visiting one of the highland distilleries located throughout Scotland. These range from Islay to Speyside and Campbeltown and can give you a good taste of Scottish countryside. They are also some of the most unique places to visit, as you will be able to sample some of Scotland's most exclusive whiskies.

Goalong liquor Highland Distilleries

The highland distilleries are located in Scotland's Inner Hebrides. The island is located approximately 20 miles west of the mainland. On the island, there are eight distilleries.

Kilchoman, the island's newest distillery, was built on a barley farm. Its whisky is made entirely on Islay.

Malt production has played a significant role in the island's history. Irish monks discovered the potential for distilling whiskey on the island in the early fourteenth century. They started making uisge beatha (life water), which is now known as whisky.

Malted barley is used to make whisky. The grains are ground into flour before being soaked in water. They are fermented after a few days. When the mash is complete, it is aged in wooden barrels. This brings out the flavors in the mash.

Peat is an important component in the production of Islay whisky. It is made by burning organic material and contributes to Islay's distinct smoky flavor.

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