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Highest alcohol malt liquor

There are numerous malt liquor brands that have a reputation for having the highest alcohol content. These alcoholic beverages consist of Blast, Haffenreffer Private Stock, and Magnum Premium. These are some of the finest malts available at your local retailer. Additionally, they are among the most expensive.


Blast is a new malt liquor with a fruit flavor that is packaged in vividly colored cans and marketed by the musician Snoop Dogg. It is produced by Pabst Brewing Company and has 12% alcohol. The beverage is described as a "super-trendy blueberry-pomegranate" beverage and is available in multiple flavors.

The high alcohol content of the Blast brand is receiving criticism. A 23-ounce can of the new beverage carries the same amount of alcohol as four 12-ounce bottles of beer, according to one research. Other opponents assert that the product's advertising is aimed towards a young demographic.

A group of high school students from the University of Maryland Institute of the Creative Arts (MICA) collaborated with a local high school to produce a campaign that called Blast a "alcopop" or "binge in a can" and encouraged the corporation to cease targeting youth. Using images of incarceration, mortality, and emergency rooms, the students designed posters that were posted on East Baltimore buildings and on the Internet.

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