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Gin whisky vodka is an extremely potent alcoholic beverage. There are numerous infusions that can be used to modify a drink. Most prevalent are orange, mint, and cinnamon. However, there are many more alternatives available.

Gin is a classy drink

Gin is a herbaceous, fragrant alcohol. It's finest served chilled and has a very delicate aftertaste. Gin may be used to make a variety of sophisticated, fruity cocktails.

During Prohibition, sailors liked a cocktail known as a gimlet, which is a mixture of gin and lime cordial. During the era of the speakeasy, gin was concealed by combining it with honey syrup.

Vodka is less fragrant than gin but contains more alcohol. Those who prefer vodka typically appreciate its mouth-numbing properties. A normal ABV for vodka is 40%, which is slightly higher than that of gin.

Additionally, vodkas have been infused with tastes. The original Aviation cocktail uses creme de violette liqueur. This imparts a floral and violet hue to the beverage.

The lemon drop martini is a popular bottled beverage. You will need fresh lemon juice, a sugared rim, and premium vodka to prepare it.

James Bond's fictitious creation, the Vesper is a sophisticated vodka cocktail. In the novel Casino Royale, the protagonist prepares a cocktail with a slightly sweet and bitter Lillet flavor.

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