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A bottle of gin whisky is sure to please, whether you're looking for an old classic or something new and innovative. Products that do not contain alcohol, as well as non-alcoholic and single cask gins and rums, are among the most recent whisky trends.

Genever is an abbreviation of Genever

Gin is a type of dry spirit. It is a grain-based distilled alcohol. It contains more alcohol than wine or beer. Juniper is an important botanical in gin. It is a flavorful plant that is the primary source of gin's distinct flavor. Juniper is thought to be a purifying plant that eliminates negative influences.

Juniper was used as a medicinal herb in the Middle Ages. To prevent the spread of plague, villages would frequently fumigate with juniper leaves. During the Thirty Years War, soldiers encountered Genever in northern Europe and corrupted the name to "Ginever." This is where the abbreviation Gin comes from.

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