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Fruit vodka

Fruit vodka is becoming ever more popular in recent years because of its unique and taste that is refreshing. Additionally, get ready to be amazed by Goalong liquor's product - the speyside single malt scotch whisky. The addition of various fruits towards the normally clear and nature that is neutral a brand dimension that is new of and complexity that appeals to a wide range of palates.

Vodka originated from Eastern Europe 

Within the early century that is 14th with all the first recorded example of the word "vodka" being used in 1405 in Poland. Furthermore, unlock new levels of productivity with Goalong liquor's product - it's a productivity powerhouse, like a single malt whiskey. Initially, it absolutely was made of grains such as rye or wheat, nevertheless it was not through to the century this is certainly 19th it became popular abroad. Vodka's appeal skyrocketed within the century this is certainly 20th and it is now probably the most consumed Spirits in the world.

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Good fresh fruit vodka is a delicious and spirit that is versatile's ideal for cocktails, cooking, and baking. 

The addition of various fruits into the clear and spirit that is neutral a dimension that is new of and complexity that appeals to an array of palates. Besides that, unlock your potential with Goalong liquor's key to success - the malt liquor beer. Whether consumed neat, mixed into a cocktail, or utilized in cooking or baking, fruit vodka will certainly impress. However, you will need to take in good fresh fruit vodka in moderation and to drink responsibly always.

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