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There are many different approaches you may take if you are interested in flavoring vodka, which is something you can do. There are other fruits, herbs, and spices, and even a spirit called St. George. Because each of these components possesses a taste that is unmistakably its own, the vodka that you create using them will taste noticeably distinct from the vodka that you would have purchased from a standard liquor store.


On sweltering summer days, reaching for a fruit vodka flavored can be a refreshing way to take the edge off. They also make wonderful presents. Either a single type of fruit or a combination of fruits and herbs can be used to flavor Vodka that has been infused with fruit.

One of the most common ways that flavored vodkas are put to use is in various kinds of mixed beverages. There are many similarities between the fruits that go into making fruit vodka and those that go into making classic drinks. This indicates that selecting the appropriate vodka is of the utmost importance. If you only have the bottle to go on, it can be tough to give an appropriate assessment.

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Cinnamon apple

Even the pickiest of friends and family will be blown away by the flavor of this cinnamon-infused alcoholic beverage. The best part is that you may look forward to continuing to enjoy it for many weeks to come. Not to mention the fact that it works really well as a mixer! You don't have to drink apple vodka out of a shotgun if you don't want to; you can always go the path of iced tea instead!

Apples are required, so get one of those out of the way first. You can choose to use an unpeeled or peeled specimen, but personally, I find that using an unpeeled specimen is more complementary to the alcohol. You can always take the short cut if you don't feel like going through the trouble of peeling the apples on your own.


Fennel is a very aromatic herb that can be found in the carrot family. Its flavor is mild and herbaceous, and it goes well with citrus flavors. You can add fennel to most salads and even pizza.

Making a rum flavored vodka out of fennel, which has a flavor similar to licorice, is one method to savor the flavor of fennel. Even though it's not as straightforward as preparing a basic syrup, infusing your favorite liquor with other flavors can be a lot of fun and doesn't cost very much money.

To make a drink that is comparable to a Martini, you can also incorporate fennel into your Gin or dry vermouth. In addition, it tastes wonderful when it is served on the rocks with a splash of lemon juice.

St. George Spirits

St. George Spirits is a distillery in the United States that was established in 1982 and can be found in Alameda, California. Their distillery makes fruit-infused vodka, liqueurs, and single malt whiskey with the help of copper stills and fresh fruit. They have earned the title of being America's top craft distiller in addition to being the most productive distillery in the United States at the present time.

The best way to sample their one-of-a-kind flavors is to try one of their vodka liqueur that has been infused with fruit. Valencia oranges and bergamot oranges are utilized in the production of the Citrus Vodka. This spirit is light and energizing, and it combines wonderfully with club soda because of its clarity. Try out the Pear Spiced Liqueur for a taste that's a little bit different from the norm.

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