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The production of vodka rum is a straightforward procedure that does not call for a significant amount of specialized apparatus. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that the amount of time the process takes relies on the competence of the distiller as well as the equipment that is present in the distillery. In actuality, the majority of distilleries have both a simple pot still and a reflux still.

Reflux still

A reflux still is an excellent option to consider if you are interested in producing alcohol of a superior quality. This particular style of still is intended to generate a product that is of a higher quality and can carry out numerous distillations during the course of a single run.

Stills known as reflux stills are utilized in the production of a variety of alcoholic Beverages, including vodka and gin. They are also utilized in the production of essential oils and alcoholic beverages.

The two most prevalent types of distilled spirits produced with the help of a reflux still are vodka and whiskey. Alcohol with an ABV of up to 95% can be produced using a still known as a reflux still. In addition to that, it can be distilled into a wide variety of other alcoholic beverages, like as brandy, moonshine, and rum.

In most cases, an extra condenser or dephlegmator is utilized in conjunction with a reflux still. Because of these characteristics, the vapor of the alcohol can condense and clean the rising vapor, resulting in a product that is free of impurities.

In most cases, raschig rings or copper mesh will be utilized to fill the column of a reflux still. Copper mesh is utilized in the production of vodka in order to get rid of sulfide tastes, which are occasionally a source of contention during the process.

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