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different types of malt liquor

Malt liquor has been around for a very long time, and there are a great deal of variations available today. Some of them do not use malt alcohol barley in their production, whereas others do. Lagers, imperial stouts, and even imperial stouts that have been matured in Bourbon barrels are just a few examples. Each of these varieties possesses a flavor that is all its own, and the variety of flavors they offer is a feast for the taste buds.

Haffenreffer Private Stock

Since the early 17th century, the Haffenreffer Private Stock has been in the business of brewing beer. In 1955, their flagship product, Narragansett, held a share of the New England beer market that was equivalent to 65 percent of the total. Even though the vast majority of their items are produced domestically, some of them are secretly sent out of the country. The Haffenreffer Oyster brewery in East Boston is one of their more recent additions to the market. The trifecta is renowned not only for its beer and oysters, but also for their superb wines, handmade cocktails, and world-famous cheeseburgers. They are not, thank goodness, the only ones who make beer on the Emerald City.

Both Haffenreffer's single malt sleeve and Narragansett, the company that came before it, were the first breweries in the state to receive official authorization from the government. Even in modern times, it continues to be a respected member of the Massachusetts brewing community. Even though there has been a recent wave of businesses going out of business, the brewer still has an impressively large customer list. Visit us if you're a fan of malt and you happen to be in or around the Boston region. You could even walk away with a couple of free samples.

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