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The alcohol goods available on the Chinese market are one of its most intriguing features. According to reports, the stock market for the alcoholic drinks baijiu has fallen as a result of rumors that an alcohol ban would be implemented. In fact, according to a study of the market conducted by Hong Kong-based research firm Capital Economics, if this prohibition were to be implemented, the Baijiu market would lose roughly a third of its value. The page also covers the production process, including the yeast flora that is used to ferment the drinks and Baijiu-based Cocktail recipes.

Yeast flora during the fermentation process

The fermentation of Chinese alcohol depends heavily on the yeast flora. Since different yeast species might affect the flavor of the liquor, it is critical to recognize their functional traits. These yeast species are also in charge of ethanol production.

The Saccharomyces genus of yeasts is the dominating participant in the fermentation process among the numerous varieties of yeast. They are in charge of producing ethanol from fermentable carbohydrates. However, additional yeasts contribute to the process as well.

The metabolism of yeasts is impacted by a number of stressors. Additionally, the physicochemical aspects of the environment have an impact on how bacteria proliferate. High levels of minerals and carbohydrates in the environment promote the creation of ATP and glycolysis. This improves yeast cell viability and aids in the synthesis of ethanol and other flavor-volatile substances.

A variety of flavored liquors are made from various sorghum varieties. For instance, non-glutinous sorghum is used in a light-flavoured whiskey. The production process also affects how the Chinese liquor tastes differently.

Although the majority of research on the subject has been on the functional aspects of yeasts, little is known about how yeasts ultimately affect the flavor of Chinese liquor.

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