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If you're looking to buy single malt whisky, you might be thinking about purchasing one of the well-known Scotch brands. It's true what you've probably heard about how popular American single malt whisky has become in the country; the market is about to explode. But it's also simple to locate some fine, inexpensive whisky.

Scotch is a drink to take on holidays

A Scotch is a fantastic beverage to have while celebrating the holidays with friends. It is a functional drink with a variety of flavors. Although it tastes best straight up, it can also be had as a cocktail. Continue reading to learn more about Scotch and how to make one.

Scotch is a type of whisky that is made by distilling yeast and cereal grains. After that, it is aged for a minimum of three years in oak barrels. The Scotch can then mature and develop its complex flavor.

ABV is increased when some Scotch is distilled (Absolute Alcohol Content). It is referred to as a single malt. Single malt Scotch can be distilled up to 94.8%, but it must be bottled at a 40% ABV. These Scotches are typically aged for a longer amount of time.

Pouring the whisky into a Scotch glass is the traditional way to consume a Scotch. Ice can also be added to create a cool cocktail. Consider adding orange juice to make the beverage sweeter.

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