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bourbon single malt whiskey

One of the most consumed beverages in the world today is bourbon single malt whiskey. Despite being produced in Kentucky, due to its smooth, sweet flavor, it has gained popularity all over the world. When picking a whiskey, there are a few things to keep in mind. Small batch bourbons, high rye bourbons, and even scotch whisky are available for purchase.

High-rye bourbons

Higher rye content than traditional bourbons give high-rye bourbons their spicy, peppery flavors. Additionally, they can give the finished product notes of grass and flowers.

At least 20% rye is usually present in the mash bill of high-rye bourbons. 10% malted barley may also be included in the mash bill.

High-rye bourbon liquor are produced after at least two years in the barrel. They are typically aged at least 125 proof. distilleries frequently mix new and used barrels to create a distinctive flavor profile.

A high-rye bourbon must have at least 49% rye and at least 51% corn by volume. It ought to be distilled in America. A bourbon will typically smell of vanilla, oak, and caramel. Rye can, however, impart smoke and other flavors, like cinnamon, to the final product.

Generally speaking, bourbons are sweeter than rye whiskey. However, rye can make a bourbon's flavor profile more complex by introducing complexity. The sweetness of corn can be complemented by rye in a bourbon.

Some bourbon connoisseurs advise choosing the best high-rye bourbon for fall drinking. The high-rye bourbon can counteract the corn's inherent sweetness because rye has a slightly hotter flavor.

The mash bill for Heigold's high-rye bourbon contains 25% malted German rye and 70% corn. After that, the mash bill is aged for at least a year.

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