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Bourbon liquor is one of the most popular alcohol drinks that many people like to drink on special occasions. There are a lot of good brands that you can find out there, but there are some legal requirements that you should be aware of before you buy a bottle. This article will help you learn more about the taste, origins, and legal requirements of bourbon.


bourbon liquor is a whiskey that is made in the United States. It is distilled from grain mash. The mash must contain at least 51% corn.

Bourbon's history is long and varied. Some say that its origins are in Kentucky, while others have suggested that it is named after the city of New Orleans. Regardless of where it came from, it has become a popular beverage for many people.

Many historians believe that American Bourbon was created in the early 1700s. This theory holds more credibility than the popular theory that it was named after Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

According to these theories, it was the influx of whiskey makers into Kentucky that fueled the bourbon industry. It was a reaction to a 1791 Whiskey Excise Tax. Several distillers rebelled against the tax. Their actions helped define Kentucky as a frontier whiskey region.

Elijah Craig founded a distillery in Georgetown, Kentucky, in 1789. He had been a Baptist minister, but he later became a distiller.

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