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One of the most popular whiskey varieties is blended whiskey. It combines single malt and grain whiskies. For the consumer, this results in a distinctive and flavorful beverage.

Scotch whisky

Single malt and grain whiskies are combined to create blended Scotch, a type of whisky. It is among the most widely consumed varieties of Scotch. 90% of the market is devoted to blended whiskies, which account for a significant portion of all Scotch sales worldwide for liquor.

Spirits produced at various distilleries and using different production techniques are combined to create blended Scotch. Each barrel has a unique flavor profile, which can affect how the spirit turns out in the end.

Blended whiskies come in a variety of flavors, including single malt, grain, and unofficial. A single distillery produces single malts, which are distilled from a single grain. Several distilleries produce grain whiskies. Usually, the final flavor of the spirit can be influenced by the quality of the grain whiskies used in the blend.

The body, palate, and flavor of blended Scotch are typically light to medium, creamy, and mildly spicy. Numerous Scotches also smell sweet. A blend should be aged for at least fifteen years to be considered good.

The spirits produced at each distillery are mixed together in a vat to create Blended Whisky, which is made from different distilleries. After being pumped into a cask, the whiskies are aged for at least six months. Up to eight months are used to age some whiskies.

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