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Blended scotch

It's becoming increasingly common for people who want to drink scotch but might not be able to afford a single malt to opt instead for blended scotch. However, many concerns remain when picking a blend. Some considerations are listed below.

J&B Rare

J&B RARE is a blended scotch derived from the best of the old and new worlds. It boasts the most number of whiskies of any blended scotch in the world and has a well earned reputation as an elegant and smooth sipper. With 42 grain, malt and grain whiskies, it's a good bet that it's one of the tastiest drinks on your liquor shelf.

The J&B RARE has a surprisingly broad range of flavours and is a perfect fit for the whiskey connoisseur looking for something with a little more substance. This whisky can be enjoyed on its own or as a component in the right concoction. The blend is aged for at least three years in American and European oak to achieve its rich, complex and smooth taste.

J&B has an impressive list of accolades to its credit, including the best whisky in the world. The company is a relative of the Royal Warrant of Scotland. They have also been appointed distilleries to the likes of the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the late King George V.

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