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Blended malt whisky

Although blended malt whisky is a relatively new idea, it has already earned a lot of popularity. It's a fantastic way to taste flavored whisky of a high caliber without having to spend as much money on a single malt. To get you started, consider the following examples.

Scotch whisky

A blend of one or more single grain Scotch whiskey liqueur is used to create blended malt Scotch. It has a light to medium body and a sweet scent. The taste combines citrus, chocolate, and smoky undertones.

The two most common varieties of blended scotch are. One is the Old Scotch style, which combines light sweetness, dry smoke, and oxidation. It's a preferred option among drinkers.

Vatted malt is another variety of mixed malt. It is made by blending distilled liquor with a tiny amount of malted barley. The malt is matured in oak barrels for at least three years after distillation.

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An independent bottler of single malt best scotch whisky is Mossburn. They occasionally release a single expression. Some of Scotland's more well-known regional malts are included in the brand's Casks line.

The company's flagship, the trademark Casks, has a surprisingly wide selection. Mossburn provides a variety of handcrafted Olorosso Sherry butts in addition to conventional and custom-order casks to complete the final product. Noting the company's reputation for cask experimentation is also important.

The "Allt Gleann," which is four years old and has a diverse flavor profile, is only one example. The Mossburn Signature Casks are a hand-picked assortment of local malts that were deemed suitable for aging and are part of the signature Casks collection.

Naked Malt

A variety of top-notch single malt are used to create the blended malt whisky known as Naked Malt. With hints of raisins and stewed fruit as well as a delicate spice finish, it has a rich fruity flavor. This mixture is ideal for blending into cocktails or for enjoying on its own.

The blend is extra-matured in first-fill and refill Oloroso sherry barrels for a minimum of six months. This contributes to enhancing the whisky's flavor and producing a drink that is both adaptable and delicious.

Highland Park and Glenrothes are two of the premium single malts used to create the mix. Additionally, Naked Malt employs packaging that is entirely recyclable.

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