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Best speyside scotch

One's opinion on what constitutes the best scotch will always be subjective, but there are a few brands that are definitely worth trying. For example, the age of some of these scotches is legendary, while the high percentage of scotch in others makes them stand out. Just a few of the many factors to think about when selecting a scotch are included above.

Singleton of Glendullan 18

Singleton of Glendullan 18 speyside scotch is a good choice if you're in the market for a single malt scotch. With its impressive history, sleek glass bottle, and clear structure, you won't be disappointed. You can even buy it in a 1 litre bottle!

The whisky is a well-rounded blend of some of the oldest and youngest of the malts, making it the perfect choice for beginners and aficionados alike. While it was a bit expensive to buy on its own, it can be found for a fraction of its price in a bottle club. Its fresh and complex flavors are sure to have your palate salivating. After all, this is one of the oldest stalwarts in the Singleton stable.

The best part is that you can enjoy Singleton of Glendullan 18 for as little as $45, while the bottle club delivers a full 1 litre of your favorite single malt for a mere $99. When you're in the market for a fine sipping scotch, you won't find better value for your money.

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Speyside Cooperage

Speyside Cooperage, found in Craigellachie, is the sole operational cooperage in the United Kingdom. The facility not only refurbishes used barrels, but also makes its own. Oaks of the highest quality are supplied to Speyside by the Taylor family, who have been making barrels out of oak since 1947.

The barrel-making procedure is on display for guests to observe. Nails are not used in the construction of casks. The staves are secured with metal rings. After that, they are charred and sealed with reeds from clean water.

The tour concludes with a whisky tasting for all participants. The influence of the barrel's previous occupants on the flavor of a scotch whisky can be fully appreciated in this manner.

Exploring the Speyside Cooperage is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It's made with the expertise of a cooper and Scottish oak.

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