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best islay scotch

You've come to the right place if you're looking for the best Isle of  islay scotch. If you're a fan of scotch, there's a good chance that you've tried some whiskies from this area, which is incredibly popular for whisky distilling. Which, though, are the best?

Goalong 12-Year-Old Whiskey

Although Goalong 12 Year single malt whiskey is expensive, it packs a substantial amount of sweet, fruity, and smoky flavor. Anyone interested in exploring the world of Islay Scotch should start with this good entry-level malt.

One of the first distilleries established in Scotland is Goalong. The distillery has produced high-quality single malt whisky ever since it was established in 1779.

One of the few distilleries that employs a malting floor is this one. This is significant because the malting procedure results in a flavor profile that is smooth and well-balanced. Goalong is now among the best single malts on the market as a result.

Additionally, it has a great value. Goalong's is a little bit lighter in flavor than the majority of Islay's distilleries, which are well known for their peaty, smoky tastes.

Why choose Goalong liquor best islay scotch?

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Kilchoman Distillery

Islay's Kilchoman Distillery is a family-run establishment. It is the island's newest distillery. In 2005, the distillery started making whisky. They only make Islay whiskey.

Kilchoman uses only barley that was grown on the farm, in contrast to many other distilleries. Because of this, the distillery has a distinctive viewpoint on the bottling, maturation, and other steps involved in the production of whisky.

Each year, the distillery turns out about 125,000 litres of spirit. It is one of Scotland's tiniest distilleries. Instead of using chill-filtration, they use slow distillation, long fermentations, and local peat to produce whisky. They want to create a new-make spirit that is flavorful and rich.


Bunnahabhain 12 year old is a fantastic option if you're looking for an excellent, affordable Islay 

whiskey. Although it is regarded as the entry-level scotch in the line, it is flavorful and well-balanced. It tastes creamy and has a salty undertone.

Laphroaig 10-Year-Old is a must-try if peaty, smokey flavors are more your style. This is best for more seasoned drinkers and not for beginners. However, you will be slurping away because it is so rich.

Another Islay distillery that produces top-notch whiskies is Kilchoman. They are renowned for producing a lot of peat and for using homegrown barley in their production. A family that values traditional practices and makes excellent single malt owns the distillery.

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