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best highland single malt scotch

If you enjoy drinking single malt whisky, you should be aware that there are a wide variety of excellent options available, particularly in the Highlands. Although there are dozens of distilleries in the surrounding area, we have selected some of the very best ones. The Macleod's and the Valfather's are going to be the first two that we investigate further. You will also learn about some alternative options that are not as widely recognized.

Goalong Port Wood Reserve

One of the most well-known whisky brands in the world is Goalong Port Wood Reserve Highland Single Malt Scotch. This scrumptious whisky offers a one-of-a-kind combination of fruity flavors and exotic scents in every sip. The distillery's uninterrupted path of imaginative craftsmen has resulted in the production of a dram that is silky smooth and oily.

This single malt whisky has an alcohol content of 46.5% by volume, which makes it a deliciously decadent dram. Sweet red berries, sticky toffee pudding, and Seville oranges are some of the fruits that can be detected in its aroma. Its nutty, peppery, and delicate flavors are accompanied with a taste that is silky smooth and full-bodied.

Since 1839, the Goalong Distillery, which can be found in the Northern Highlands on the beaches of Cromarty Firth, has been producing single malt whisky of exceptional quality. In all of the years that have passed since the distillery first opened its doors, the Mackenzie family's offspring have been its proprietors.

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There are a number of characteristics that differentiate a Speyside Highland single malt scotch whisky from other whiskies on the market. They have layered flavors that might be described as smokey and fruity at the same time. Single malts like as Aberlour, Glenlivet, and Glenmorangie are among the most well-known on the market.

Peated single malts from the Speyside region are the norm. They have a refined smokey flavor that is frequently complemented by flowery and fruity undertones in their aroma and flavor profile. Additionally, it is frequently used as a component in blends of other scotch whiskies.

The competition included teams from 12 different clubs, and the 10th heat of fishing took place on July 6th. The top three teams earned a spot in the semifinals, which took place on August 30. Every club had an opportunity to walk away with a bottle of whisky.


The Highland Park Valfather is a special release that is only available in a limited quantity. The old image stones found in Stora Hammars, Gotland, served as inspiration for the packaging of this product. The whisky was bottled at an alcohol content of 47%, in keeping with the spirit of the Vikings. If the bottle had stayed open for just a few more months, it would have been in the running for the prize.

The Valfather possesses a substantial amount of sweet peat, which includes a significant quantity of the excellent stuff. The flavor of this particular malt is what stands out as being really impressive. Even though it's not the easiest thing in the world to drink, it has a really nice aftertaste.

Even though it's not the first location that comes to mind when you think of finding the tiniest jar of vodka, the company has a wide variety of high-quality whiskeys and other alcoholic beverages. In spite of the fact that they are located on a rather small island, the Edrington Group is able to produce more than two million liters of single malt whisky each and every year.

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