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A product manufactured from alcohol is Vodka. The drink has a variety of uses depending on the distillation procedure. Some use it to reduce their chance of contracting specific ailments. Others use it to sanitize the body or ease pain. It can also be combined with juices or other sweets.


Pure Vodka is a natural disinfectant that can kill bacteria and odor causing microbes. The high alcohol content of Vodka also helps break down stubborn stains. It can also be used as a deodorizer and ice pack.

For the best results, opt for a higher proof vodka. A low proof alcohol will not be enough to kill microbes.

The high percentage of alcohol will allow the dispersal of essential oils. This keeps the scent of the room spray fresher for longer.

Vodka can help remove tarnish on jewelry and eyeglasses. It can also be used to disinfect small wounds.

There are also many unconventional uses for vodka. You can use it as a deodorizer, as an insect repellent, and as an antiseptic.

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Distillation process

Distillation is a process that removes alcohol from a liquid. It is used in many ways, such as in oil refineries, to create finished products from crude oil. The distilled alcohol is cut with water to form the final product.

Distillation produces a number of chemical compounds. These compounds are referred to as congeners. They may be desirable in small amounts or undesirable in large quantities.

Most vodka whisky are between 40 and 80 percent ethanol, but vodkas of higher ABV can also be found. Some producers distill their vodkas several times in order to increase the strength and flavor of the final product.

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